British War Graves In France, Cemeteries (T-Ve)

Unless stated we hold photographs of all the individual graves within the following cemeteries.

Talmas Communal Cemetery

Tank Cemetery. Photo by Fred Killick

Targelle Ravine British Cemetery

Templeux-le-Guerard British Cemetery

Templeux-le-Guerard Communal Cemetery Extension

Terlincthun British Cemetery

Tertry Communal Cemetery

  Ten Tree Alley Cemetery. Photographed by Peter Bennett

Terdeghem Churchyard

Theillay Communal Cemetery

Thelonne Communal Cemetery

Thelus Communal Cemetery

Thelus Military Cemetery, Thelus.

Therouldeville Churchyard  

Thiant Communal Cemetery

Thiepval Anglo-French Cemetery

Thieux Communal Cemetery

Thilloy Road Cemetery

Thistle Dump Cemetery. Photo by Richard West

Thure Cemetery

Tigris Lane Cemetery. Photo by Fred Killick

Tilloy British Cemetery

 Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery

Tinchebray Communal Cemetery

Tincourt Churchyard

Tincourt New British Cemetery

Togny-aux-Boeufs Communal Cemetery

Torcy-le-Petit Communal Cemetery

Toronto Cemetery

Totes Communal Cemetery

Touffreville Churchyard

Touffreville-La-Corbeline Churchyard

Toulouse (La Fourguette) Communal Cemetery. Photo by Venna & Steve Lovegrove

Tourgeville Military Cemetery

Tourlaville Communal Cemetery

Toutencourt Communal Cemetery. Photo by Fred Killick

Tourville-les-Ifs Communal Cemetery

Tourville-sur-Arques New Communal Cemetery

Tranchee  de Mecknes Cemetery

Trefcon British Cemetery

Tregunc Communal Cemetery

Trescault Communal Cemetery

Triangle Cemetery, Inchy-en-Artois

Triaze Communal Cemetery

Troarn Communal Cemetery

Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck

Trouan-Le-Petit Churchyard

Two Tree Cemetery

Ugny-L’equipee Churchyard

Unicorn Cemetery. Photo by Stephen John

Uplands Cemetery

Upton Wood Cemetery. Photo by Fred Killick

Vadencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy

Vadencourt-Et-Boheries Communal Cemetery

Vailly British Cemetery

Valenciennes Communal Cemetery

Valley Cemetery, Vis-en-Artois.

Vandieres Churchyard

Varengeville-Sur-Mer Churchyard

Varennes Military Cemetery

Varneville-Bretteville Churchyard

Vatteville-La-Rue Churchyard

Vaudry Churchyard

Vaulx Australian Field Ambulance Cemetery.

Vaulx Hill Cemetery. Photo by Fred Killick

Vauville Churchyard

 Vaux-Andigny Communal Cemetery 

Vaux-Andigny British Cemetery

Vauxbuin French National Cemetery

Vaux-En-Amienois Communal Cemetery

Veauville-Les-Baons Churchyard

Vendegies Cross Roads British Cemetery

Vendegies-Au-Bois British Cemetery

Vendegies-Au-Bois Churchyard

Vendelles Communal Cemetery

Vendeville Communal Cemetery

Vend’huile Communal Cemetery 

Vendiges-au-Bois British Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Vendiges-au-Bois Churchyard

Vendresse British Cemetery

Vendresse Churchyard

Vengeons Churchyard

Verberie Communal Cemetery

Verberie French National Cemetery

Verchain British Cemetery

Verdun-sur-Meuse (Faubourg Pave) French National Cemetery

Vergetot Churchyard

Vermelles British Cemetery.

Vermand Communal Cemetery 

Vernou-En-Sologne Communal Cemetery

Verrieres Churchyard

Verrieres Communal Cemetery

Vertain Communal Cemetery Extension

Vertigneul Churchyard. Photo by Peter Bennett

Veules-Les-Roses Communal Cemetery

Veulettes-sur-Mer Churchyard. Photo by Regis Biaux