British War Graves In France, Cemeteries (R)

We hold photographs of all the individual graves within the following cemeteries.

Raillencourt Communal Cemetery Extension

Railway Cutting Cemetery. Photographed by Peter Bennett

Railway Hollow Cemetery. Photograph by Richard West

Raimbeaucourt Churchyard 

Raincheval Communal Cemetery

Ramicourt British Cemetery

Ramillies British Cemetery

Rancourt Military Cemetery

Ranville Churchyard

Ranville War Cemetery

Raperie British Cemetery

Rapsecourt Churchyard

Ration Farm Cemetery, La Chapelle d’Armentieres.

Realcamp Communal Cemetery

Recques-Sur-Hem Churchyard

Redan Ridge No 1

Redan Ridge No 2. Photograph by Richard West

Redan Ridge Cemetery No3. Photograph by Richard West

Red Cross Corner Cemetery. Photo by Joanna McCann

Regina Trench Cemetery

Reguiny Communal Cemetery

Remilly-et-Aillicourt Communal Cemetery

Renescure Churchyard

Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery

Rexpoede Communal Cemetery

Riaille Cemetery

Ribecourt British Cemetery

Ribecourt Railway Cemetery. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw

Ribecourt Road Cemetery, Trescault. Photo by Fred Killick

Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension

Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension, Aisne

Rieux Communal Cemetery

Robecq Communal Cemetery

Robersart Churchyard

Roclincourt Military Cemetery

Roclincourt Valley Cemetery

Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery

Roeux British Cemetery. Photograph by Fred Killick

Roisels Communal Cemetery

Roisels Communal Cemetery Extension

Rom Communal Cemetery

Romeries Communal Cemetery Extension

Romescamps Churchyard

Roncq (Blanc-Four) Communal Cemetery

Roncq Communal Cemetery

Ronssoy Communal Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Rookery British Cemetery

Rosieres British Cemetery

Rosieres Communal Cemetery

Rosieres Communal Cemetery Extension

Rossignol Wood Cemetery

Rouvrel Communal Cemetery

Rouy-Le-Petit Churchyard

Royal Irish Rifles Graveyard

Royallieu French National Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Roye New British Cemetery

Rubempre Communal Cemetery

Rubrouck Churchyard

Rue David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix.

Rue-Du-Bacquerot No1 Military Cemetery, Laventie

Rue-De-Bois Military Cemetery

Rue Petillon Military Cemetery

Rue-des-Berceaux Military Cemetery

Rue-du-Bacquerot (13th London) Graveyard

Ruesnes Communal Cemetery

Rumilly Communal Cemetery Extension

Ruyoulcourt Military Cemetery

Ryes War Cemetery