British War Graves In France, Cemeteries (S)

Unless stated we hold photographs of all the individual graves within the following cemeteries.

Sablonnieres New Communal Cemetery

Sailly-Aus-Bois Military Cemetery

Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery

Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery Extension.

Sailly-Saillisel British Cemetery

Sailly-sur-la-Lys Canadian Cemetery.

Sailly-sur la-Lys Churchyard.

Sains-en-Amie Nois Communal Cemetery

Sains-les-Marquion British Cemetery

Sains-Les-Marquion Churchyard

Salome Communal Cemetery 

Sancourt British Cemetery. Photograph by Fred Killick

Sanders Keep Military Cemetery

Sandpits British Cemetery

Santes Churchyard

Sanvic Communal Cemetery

Sarrable Military Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Sassenay Churchyard

Sassetot-le-Mauconduit Communal Cemetery

Sassy Churchyard

Sauchy-Cauchy Communal Cemetery 

Saulcourt Churchyard Extension

Saultain Communal Cemetery

Saulty Communal Cemetery

Saumont-la-Poterie Communal Cemetery

Sauvillers-Mongival Communal Cemetery

Savy British Cemetery

Schoenau Churchyard

Sebourg British Cemetery. Photograph by Steve Morse

Sebourg Communal Cemetery

Secqueville-en-Bessin War Cemetery

Selridge British Cemetery

Senantes Churchyard

 Senlis Communal Cemetery Extension

Senlis French National Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Senneville-sur-Fecamp Churchyard

Sentelie Churchyard

Sequehart British Cemetery No1

Sequehart British Cemetery No2

Serain Communal Cemetery Extension

 Serre Road Cemetery No 1

Serre Road Cemetery No 2

Serre Road Cemetery No3. Photograph by Richard West

Sessenheim Communal Cemetery

Sevrai Churchyard

Sezanne Communal Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Shrine Cemetery, Bucqouy. Photograph By Anthony Bagshaw

Sibiril Communal Cemetery

Sigy-en-Bray Communal Cemetery. Photo by Regis Biaux

Siouville Churchyard

Sissonne British Cemetery

Socx Churchyard

Solesmes British Cemetery

Solesmes Communal Cemetery

Solre-Le-Chateau Communal Cemetery

Sorneville Communal Cemetery

Souastre Churchyard

Soulac-Sur-Mer (Olives) Communal Cemetery

Soupir Churchyard

Soupir Communal Cemetery

St Acheul French National Cemetery

St Amand British Cemetery. Photo by Joanna McCann

St. Aubain-sur-Mer Churchyard

St Aubert British Cemetery

St. Aubin-le-Cauf Churchyard

St. Aubin-Les-Elbeuf Communal Cemetery

St. Aubin-Routot Churchyard

St. Aubin-Sur-Mer Churchyard

St. Aubin-sur-Scie Communal Cemetery

St. Brisson Communal Cemetery

St. Clement-Les-Baleines Communal Cemetery

St. Charles-de-Percy War Cemetery

St. Denis D’Anjou Communal Cemetery

St. Denis-D’Oleron Communal Cemetery

St Erme Communal Cemetery Extension

St Etienne-Au-Mont Communal Cemetery. Photo by Joanna McCann

St Floris Churchyard

St Fuscien Communal Cemetery

St Georges Churchyard

St. Georges D’Oleron Communal Cemetery

St. Germain-Sur-Ay Churchyard. Photo by Geoffrey Carver

St. Gibrien Churchyard

St. Gilles-Sur-Vie Communal Cemetery

St. Hellier Churchyard

St Hilaire Cemetery

St Hilaire Cemetery Extension

St. Hilaire-De-Riez Communal Cemetery

St. Hilaire-De-Talmont Churchyard

St Hilaire Les Cambrai British Cemetery

St. Hymer Churchyard

St Imoges Churchyard

St Inglevert Churchyard

St. Lambert Churchyard

St. Laurent-Sur-Mer Churchyard

St. Leger-aux-Bois Communal Cemetery

St. Leger British Cemetery. Photograph by Fred Killick

St. Loup-de-Fribois Churchyard

St. Maclou-De-Folleville Churchyard

St. Maclou-la-Briere Churchyard

St. Manvieu War Cemetery

St. Martin-au-Bosc Communal Cemetery

St. Martin-au-Laert Churchyard

St Martin-Boulogne Communal Cemetery

St Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, St Martin-sur-Cojeul.

St. Martin-De-Re Communal Cemetery

St. Martin-de-Sallen Communal Cemetery

St. Martin-des-Entrees (St Germain) Cemetery

St. Martin-le-Gaillard (St Sulpice) Churchyard

St. Martin-Osmonville Communal Cemetery

St Mary’s ADS Cemetery, Haisnes. Photograph By Anthony Bagshaw.

 St. Mesmin New Communal Cemetery

St. Momelin Communal Cemetery

St. Nazaire (Toutes-Aides) Cemetery

St Nicholas Cemetery, Arras.

St. Nicholas D’aliermont Communal Cemetery

St. Nicholas-De-Bliquetuit Churchyard

St. Ouen-le-Mauger Churchyard

St. Oulph Churchyard

St. Paer Communal Cemetery

St Patricks Cemetery, Loos.

St. Philbert-sur-Risle Communal Cemetery

St. Pierre Cemetery, Amiens

St. Pierre-Benouville (Dracqueville) Churchyard

St. Pierre-D’entremont Communal Cemetery

St. Pierre-En-Port Communal Cemetery

St Pol British Cemetery

St Pol Communal Cemetery Extention

St. Pol-De_Leon Communal Cemetery

St Pol Sur Mer Communal Cemetery

St Pol War Cemetery

Strasbourg Western Cemetery

Strazeele Communal Cemetery

St. Remy Churchyard

St. Remy-Boscrocourt Churchyard

St. Remy-Sous-Barbuise Churchyard

St. Renan Churchyard

St. Riquier British Cemetery

St. Romain-De-Colbosc Communal Cemetery

St. Samson Churchyard

St Sever Cemetery & Extension

(We have photographs of most of the graves in the above cemetery)

St Sever-Calvados Communal Cemetery

St Souplet British Cemetery

St. Sylvain Churchyard

St Sylvestre-Cappel New Cemetery

St. Thegonnec Communal Cemetery

St. Tricat Churchyard

St. Trojan-Les-Bains Communal Cemetery

St. Vaast Communal Cemetery 

St Vaast Communal Cemetery Extension

St. Vaast-Dieppedalle Churchyard

St. Vaast-en-Auge Churchyard

St Vaast Post Military Cemetery

St Valery-en-Caux Franco-British War Cemetery

St. Valery-Sur-Somme Communal Cemetery

St Venant Communal Cemetery

St Venant-Robecq Road British Cemetery

St Viatre Communal Cemetery

St Vigor-d’Ymonville Churchyard

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Ste. Catherine British Cemetery.

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Ste. Emillie Valley Cemetery

Ste. Honorine-des-Pertes Churchyard

Ste. Marguerite Churchyard

Ste. Marguerite-des-Loges Churchyard

Ste. Marie Communal Cemetery

Ste. Marie-Cappel Churchyard

Ste. Marie-De-Re Communal Cemetery

Staple Churchyard

Steenwerke Communal Cemetery

Stump Road Cemetery

Sucrerie British Cemetery

Sucrerie Cemetery, Ablain St Nazaire, Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw

Sucrerie Cemetery, Epinoy. Photo by Peter Bennett

Sucrerie Military Cemetery

Suffolk Cemetery, La Rolanderie Farm, Erquinghem-Lys. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw.

Sully Churchyard

Summit Trench Cemetery. Photo by Fred Killick

Sun Quarry Cemetery, Cherisy.

Sunken Road Cemetery, Boisleux-St. Marc. Photo by Joanna McCann

Sunken Road Cemetery, Contalmaison. Photo by Richard West

Sunken Road Cemetery, Fampoux

Sunken Road Cemetery, Villers Plouich

Suzanne Communal Cemetery Extension

Suzanne Military Cemetery No3