British War Graves In France, Cemeteries (N-O)

We hold photographs of all the individual graves within the following cemeteries.

Namps au Val British Cemetery

Nancy Southern Cemetery. Photo by Mary Pellard

Narbonne East Cemetery

Naval Trench Cemetery

Naujac-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery

Nauroy Communal Cemetery

Nery Communal Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Nesle Communal Cemetery

Nesle-Normandeuse Communal Cemetery

Nesles-La-Giberde Communal Cemetery

Neufchatel-en-Bray Communal Cemetery. Photo by Regis Biaux

Neufchatel-Hardelot Churchyard

Neuve Chapelle British Cemetery.

Neuve Chapelle Farm Cemetery

Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery

Neuville-Vitasse Road Cemetery

Neuvilly Communal Cemetery

Neuvilly Communal Cemetery Extension. Photo by Peter Bennett

New Munich Trench British Cemetery. Photographed by Richard West

Niagara Cemetery

Niepp-Bois (Rue-du-Bois) British Cemetery

Nieppe Communal Cemetery

 Nine Elms Military Cemetery. Photo by Jo McCann

Ninth Avenue Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery

Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery Extension

Noirmoutier-En-L’Ile (L’herbaudiere) Communal Cemetery

Noirmoutier-En-L’Ile Communal Cemetery

Nolleval Communal Cemetery

Noreuil Australian Cemetery

Norfolk Cemetery

Nortbecourt Churchyard

Nortleulinghem Churchyard

Noyelles-Sur-L’Escaut Communal Cemetery

Noyelles-Sur-L’Escaut Communal Cemetery Extension

Noyers-Bocage Old Churchyard

Noyon New British Cemetery

Nozay Cemetery

Occagnes (Cui) Churchyard

Ochey Churchyard

Odomez Communal Cemetery 

Olonne-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery

Omerville Communal Cemetery

Ontario Cemetery, Sains-les-Marquion

Oost Cappel Churchyard 

Orange Hill Cemetery

Orange Trench Cemetery

Orchard Dump Cemetery

Orival Wood Cemetery. Photograph by Fred Killick

Ors Communal Cemetery

Ors British Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Osmanville (St Clement) Churchyard

Ostreville Churchyard

Ouainville Churchyard

Ouistreham-Riva-Bella Communal Cemetery

Oulchy-le-Chateau Churchyard Extension

Ouroux-Sur-Saone Communal Cemetery 

Ourville-en-Caux Communal Cemetery

Outreau Communal Cemetery. Photo by Stewart May

Outrebois Churchyard

Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension

Ovillers Military Cemetery

Ovillers New Communal Cemetery, Solesmes

Owl Trench Cemetery

Oxelaere Churchyard

Oye-Plage Communal Cemetery