Cemeteries Photographed In Belgium



All of the war graves in the following cemeteries have been photographed.


La Belle Alliance Cemetery, Ypres.


La Brique Military Cemetery No1


La Brique Military Cemetery No2


La Clytte Military Cemetery


La Laiterie Military Cemetery


La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery

Landelies Communal Cemetery

Lamain Communal Cemetery



Lancashire Cottage Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Langemark German Military Cemetery

Laplaigne Communal Cemetery


Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery

Le Touquet Railway Cemetery

Ledeghem Military Cemetery

Leisele Churchyard

Lendelde Communal Cemetery


Leopoldsburg War Cemetery. Photo by Rob McAllister



Lessines New Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Robert Lestrade

Leuven Communal Cemetery


Leuze Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Robert Lestrade



Liege Communal Cemetery

Liege (Ste. Walburge) Communal Cemetery



Lier Belgian Military Cemetery. Photo by Danielle Roubroeks


Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery


Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery



Locre Hospice Cemetery


Locre No10 Cemetery.


Loker Churchyard

Lombardsijde Churchyard


London Rifle Brigade Cemetery


Lone Tree Cemetery.

Machelen French Military Cemetery



Maple Copse Cemetery



 Marcinelle New Communal Cemetery

Mean Communal Cemetery

Melsele Communal Cemetery


Mendinghem Military Cemetery

Menin Communal Cemetery



Menin Road South Military Cemetery


Messines Ridge British Cemetery. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw

Middelkerke Communal Cemetery


Minty Farm Cemetery


Mons Communal Cemetery

Montbliart Communal Cemetery

Montignies-Sur-Roc Churchyard

Moorsele Communal Cemetery

Moorsele Military Cemetery


Motor Car Corner Cemetery

Mouscron (Moeskroen) Communal Cemetery


Mud Corner Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett

Nazareth Churchyard



New Irish Farm Cemetery. Photo by CWGC

Nieuwkerke Churchyard

Nieuwmunster Churchyard

Nieuwpoort Communal Cemetery

Nil. St. Vincent (St Martin) Churchyard


Nine Elms British Cemetery

No Mans Cot Cemetery

Noordschote Churchyard



Oak Dump Cemetery

Ooike Churchyard

Oostkerke Communal Cemetery


Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery

Ophain-Bois-Seigneur-Isaac Communal Cemetery

Ormeignies Communal Cemetery


Oustvleteren Churchyard

Outrijve Churchyard


Oxford Road Cemetery


Packhorse Farm Shrine Cemetery.



Passchendaele New British Cemetery

Pepinster Communal Cemetery

Peronnes (Charbonnage) Communal Cemetery


Perth (China Wall) Cemetery

Pervijze Churchyard

Petegem Churchyard

Ploegsteert Churchyard


Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery



Poelcapelle British Cemetery

Pollinkhove Churchyard


Polygon Wood Cemetery


Pond Farm Cemetery. Photo by Anthony Bagshaw


Poperinghe Communal Cemetery.



Poperinghe New Military Cemetery


Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery.


Potijze Burial Ground Cemetery


Potijze Chateau Ground Cemetery


Potijze Chateau Lawn Cemetery


Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery

Pottes Communal Cemetery

Proven Churchyard


Prowse Point Military Cemetery. Photograph By Anthony Bagshaw

Quevaucamps Communal Cemetery

Quevy-Le-Petit Communal Cemetery


Railway Chateau Cemetery


Railway Dugouts Burial Ground

Ramegnies-Chin (St Urbain) Churchyard



Ramparts Cemetery



 Ramscappelle Road Military Cemetery


Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Annexe


R E Farm Cemetery


RE Grave Railway Wood. Photo by Pierre Vandervelden

 Rebaix Communal Cemetery


Red Farm Cemetery

Reninghelst Churchyard


Reninghelst Churchyard Extension


Reninghelst New Military Cemetery


Ridgewood Military Cemetery


Rifle House Cemetery. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw

 Rochefort Communal Cemetery

Ronse (Renaix) Communal Cemetery


Ruisseau Farm Cemetery, Photo by Steve Morse

Rumillies Churchyard


Sanctuary Wood Cemetery


Seaforth Cemetery

Scheldewindeke Churchyard



Schelle Communal Cemetery. Photo by Danielle Roubroeks

Serinchamps (Haversin) Churchyard

Sivry Communal Cemetery

Slijpe Churchyard

Slypskapelle Plot of honour

Soignies (Zinnik) Communal Cemetery


Solferino Farm Cemetery

Solre-St. Gery Communal Cemetery


Somer Farm Cemetery

Spa Communal Cemetery


Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery


Spoilbank Cemetery

Spy Communal Cemetery

St. Jan- Ter- Biezen Communal Cemetery

St. Joris Communal Cemetery


St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery

St. Peters-Leeuw Churchyard


St. Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery


St Symphorien Military Cemetery

Staden Communal Cemetery

Stalhille Churchyard


Stasegem Communal Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett


Steenkerke Belgian Military Cemetery

Steenkerke Churchyard


Strand Military Cemetery


Suffolk Cemetery

Taintignies Communal Cemetery


Talana Farm Cemetery

Tancrez Farm Cemetery



The Huts Cemetery



Theux Communal Cemetery. Photographed by P Hamoir

Tilff Communal Cemetery

Tongre-Notre Dame Communal Cemetery


Torreken Farm CEmetery No 1


Track X Cemetery


Tuileries British Cemetery

Turnhout Communal Cemetery

Turnhout (Sevendonk) Churchyard


Tyne Cot Cemetery


Underhill Farm Cemetery. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw

Verviers Communal Cemetery

 Veurne Communal Cemetery


Veurne Communal Cemetery Extension

Viersel Churchyard

Villerot Communal Cemetery

Vladslo Churchyard


Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery


Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery

Vlissegem Churchyard

Vogenee Communal Cemetery

Voorde Churchyard

Voormezeele Churchyard


Voormezeele Enclosures No 1 & 2


Voormezeele Enclosure No 3

Voroux-Goreux Cemetery

Warcoing Churchyard

Warneton (Waasten) Communal Cemetery

Warquignies Communal Cemetery

Wavre Communal Cemetery

Watou Churchyard

Welle Churchyard


Welsh Cemetery (Caesar's Nose). Photo by Steve Morse

Wenduine Communal Cemetery

Werken Churchyard

Wervik Communal Cemetery

Westende Communal Cemetery

Westhof Farm Cemetery

Westkerke Churchyard


Westoutre British Cemetery

Westvleteren Belgian Military Cemetery

Wez-Velvain (Velvain) Churchyard

Wez-Velvain (Wez) Churchyard


White House Cemetery


Wieltje Farm Cemetery.

Wiheries Communal Cemetery

Wihogne Churchyard



Wijnegem Communal Cemetery. Photo by Danielle Roubroeks

Woesten Churchyard


Woods Cemetery

Wulpen Churchyard


Wulverghem Churchyard.


Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery

Wulveringem Churchyard


Wytschaete Military Cemetery. Photo by Anthony Bagshaw


Ypres Reservoir Cemetery


Ypres Town Cemetery


Ypres Town Cemetery Extension



Zandvoorde British Cemetery

Zandvoorde Churchyard

Zedelgem Churchyard

Zeebrugge Churchyard


Zillebeke Churchyard


Zuidschote Churchyard