Cemeteries Photographed in Belgium.

All of the war graves in the following cemeteries have been photographed.


1st D. C. L. I  Cemetery

Aaaigem Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Pierre Vandervelden

Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery


Adinkerke Churchyard Extension



Adinkerke Military Cemetery


Aeroplane Cemetery

Angleur Communal Cemetery

Angre Communal Cemetery

Angreau Communal Cemetery


Antoing Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Pierre Vandervelden

Arlon Communal Cemetery

Artillery Wood Cemetery. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw
Asquillies Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Pierre Vandervelden
Assesse Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Pierre Vandervelden
Ath Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Robert Lestrade
  Ath (Lorette) Communal Cemetery, Photograph by Robert Lestrade
Audregnies Communal Cemetery.
Autre-Eglise Churchyard
Avekapelle Churchyard
Baarle Churchyard
Bailleul Communal Cemetery
Bard Cottage Cemetery. Photograph by Anthony Bagshaw
Beauraing Communal Cemetery
Bedford House Cemetery


Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery



Belgrade Cemetery

Bellegem Communal Cemetery

Bercham (Antwerpen) Communal Cemetery


Berks Cemetery Extension



Bethleem Farm East Cemetery. Photo by Anthony Bagshaw


Bethleem Farm West Cemetery. Photo by Aimee & Steve Morse

Bettincourt Communal Cemetery

Bevere Communal Cemetery


Beveren-Ijzer Churchyard.  

Beveren (Leie) Churchyard

Binch Communal Cemetery


Birr Cross Roads Cemetery

Blandain Communal Cemetery

Blankenberge Town Cemetery



Blaugies Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Brian Hilton


Blauwpoort Farm Cemetery.

Bleharies Communal Cemetery


Bluet Farm British Cemetery. Photo by Anthony Bagshaw

Boekhoute Communal Cemetery




Boezinge Churchyard. Photo by Anthony Bagshaw

  Bois D'Haine Communal Cemetery

Bottelare Churchyard

Bougnies Communal Cemetery

Boussu Communal Cemetery

 Boussu Lez Walcourt Communal Cemetery

 Bousval Communal Cemetery


Brandhoek Military Cemetery


Brandhooek New Military Cemetery


Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No3

Bredene Churchyard


Bridge House Cemetery.

Brugge General Cemetery

Brugge Military Cemetery


Brussels Town Cemetery. Photo by Gary Nelson

Bruyelle War Cemetery



Buffs Road Cemetery

Bulskamp Churchyard


Bus House Cemetery



Buttes New British Cemetery


Cabin Hill Cemetery

Calonne Communal Cemetery


Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.


Canada Farm Cemetery



Cantincrode (Krugsbaan) Civil Cemetery. Photo by Danielle Roubroeks


Cement House Cemetery



 Charleroi Communal Cemetery

Chaussee-Notre-Dame- Louvignies Communal Cemetery


Chester Farm Cemetery. Photograph by Fred Killick

Ciply Communal Cemetery

  Clabecq Communal Cemetery


Colne Valley Cemetery. Photo by Peter Bennett



Comines (Komen) Communal Cemetery. Photo by Stewart May.

Corbais Communal Cemetery

Courcelles Communal Cemetery

Courriere Churchyard 

Coutisse Churchyard


Coxyde Military Cemetery

Croonaert Chapel Cemetery

Cuesmes Communal Cemetery



Dadizeele New British Cemetery

Dadizele Communal Cemetery

Denderleeuw Communal Cemetery

Dendermonde Communal Cemetery 

Denderwindeke Communal Cemetery


De Panne Communal Cemetery



 Derry House Cemetery No2

Desnie Churchyard


Dickebusch New Military Cemetery


Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension


Dickebusch Old Cemetery

Diksmuide Communal Cemetery



Dinant Citadel Cemetery

Dinant Communal Cemetery


Divisional Cemetery, Ypres


Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery & Extension, Ypres.


Dochy Farm New British Cemetery

Dorinne Communal Cemetery

Dottignies Communal Cemetery

Dour Communal Cemetery


Dozinghem Military Cemetery


Dragoon Camp Cemetery


Dranoutre Churchyard.


Dranoutre Military Cemetery



Duhallow A.D.S Cemetery

Eernegem Communal Cemetery

Eggewaartskapelle Churchyard

Elouges Communal Cemetery


Elzenwalle Brasserie Cemetery

Enghien Cemetery

 Ere Churchyard


Erquelinnes Communal Cemetery



Erquennes Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Brian Hilton

Escanaffles Communal Cemetery


Esplechin Churchyard. Photo by Peter Bennett

 Esquelmes Churchyard



Essex Farm Cemetery

Estaimbourg Churchyard

Estaimpuis Communal Cemetery



Ferme-Olivier Cemetery

Finnevaux Communal Cemetery



Florennes Communal Cemetery

Fontaine-Valmont Communal Cemetery

Frasnez-Lez-Anvaing Churchyard

Frameries Communal Cemetery

Fromiee Communal Cemetery

Gavere Communal Cemetery

Geluveld Communal Cemetery


Geel Cemetery. Photo by Rob McAllister


Geel (Stelen) Cemetery. Photo by Rob McAllister

Geluveld Communal Cemetery

Gembes Churchyard

Gijzenzele Churchyard



 Gosselies Communal Cemetery

Gougnies Communal Cemetery

Graty Communal Cemetery


Godezonne Farm Cemetery


Grootebeek British Cemetery


Gunners Farm Military Cemetery. Photograph By Anthony Bagshaw



Gwalia Cemetery


Hagle Dump Cemetery

Handzame Communal Cemetery

Harchies Communal Cemetery


Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery.

Harlebeke New British Cemetery

Harveng Churchyard



Hautrage Military Cemetery, Photograph by Robert Lestrade


Hedge Row Trench Cemetery

Hejkijn (Helchin) Churchyard



Herchies Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Robert Lestrade

Herinnes Communal Cemetery

Herstal (Rhees) Communal Cemetery



 Heverlee War Cemetery

Hodister (Jupille) Churchyard


Hooge Crater Cemetery


Hoogstade Belgian Military Cemetery


Hoogstade Churchyard


Hop Store Cemetery



Hospital Farm Cemetery



Hotton War Cemetery

Houffalize Communal Cemetery

Houtave Churchyard

Houtem Churchyard

Huldenberg Churchyard



 Huy (La Sarte) Communal Cemetery


Hyde Park Corner (Royal Berks) Cemetery

Idegem Churchyard

Ingoyghem Military Cemetery

Irish House Cemetery


Isieres Communal Cemetery. Photograph by Robert Lestrade

Jambes Communal Cemetery

Jemeppe-Sur- Sambre Communal Cemetery

Kallo Communal Cemetery


Kandahar Farm Cemetery


Kasterlee War Cemetery. Photo by Rob McAllister


Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery



Kemmel Churchyard.


Kemmel No1 French Cemetery.

Kezelberg Military Cemetery


Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery



Kooigem Churchyard . Photograph by Robert Lestrade

Kortrijk (St Jan) Communal Cemetery